How To: Play the "Nostalgia" theme on the accordion

Play the "Nostalgia" theme on the accordion

Watch this video by Youtube user moshezuchter as he takes you through the different steps in playing the Nostalgia Theme by Alexander Winfield from the puppet play entitled, "All Hail Ye Mighty Lords of Nowhere," using an accordion. The tune of Nostalgia is very slow and haunting, and it can be used to create a mood when you're making a play or a movie. The piece is very easy. It's basically just a collection of different chords. First, you start with D minor, then, you play a G9. Alternate with these chords a few times and then play a C major, after that, climb up and play a D major, then go down again to play a C minor. After giving all of the chords that should be played, moshezuchter even gave out some instructions on how to accompany the accordion using the guitar and the recorder to make the piece sound even better. Follow the instructions in the video, and you'll be playing the Nostalgia Theme in no time.

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